Dis One Don Sweet Well Well O!
I'm literally jumping for joy as I tell you that the pidgin opera I've been working on over the last year 'Song Queen: A Pidgin Opera' will debut 6.30pm Wednesday 22nd July 2015 at The Place Theatre in London!

The opera tells the story about a remote mystical tribe called the Menemeh who maintain balance in all the realms through the songs they sing. Seeing the prosperity of earth, the world of the stars become envious and start to wreak havoc. Kenate the warrior songstress must journey to The Venus Bushfires ;) to discover the sacred peace song.

This is a celebration of hope, the coming together of many cultures and finding love and joy in the dreams we share that make this human experience so magnificent.

I invite you, your friends and family to come and share this wonderful experience with us. Tickets are £7.50 and are available from here. Please help to spread the world.

Thanks to Arts Council England, emc3 and Tête à Tête for helping to make this dream a reality.

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