Odysseys and Musings April 2015
Happy Easter!

Whatever your faith or outlook it's a reflective time. People keep asking "what are you giving up?" I used to give up chocolate but I'm lactose intolerant now so that's too easy an option. Maybe people should "ask what are you indulging in?" Like...hope.

I've been indulging in a lot of hope lately. I came back to Lagos a few weeks ago - primarily to vote. It was very important for me to vote. This land is on the cusp of something truly great and I have and still desire deeply to be part of it. I've never voted in Nigeria before and I have to admit it has been quite an experience. First, the presidential election was delayed, then there were rumours it wouldn't go ahead.

I'm so pleased and relieved it's been a successful and relatively peaceful election. There was a lot of positivity and optimism on the streets. People generally feel empowered at the moment and that's why I'm so excited. I believe that if people feel they can contribute to a positive change - then that change is more likely to come and they are certainly more likely to hold there elected leaders accountable for the collective responsibility for that change. I'm so happy I was here to see it. I'm proud to be Nigerian. I'm proud to be British.

Roll-on UK general elections 2015. Let's get involved!


Gidi Up!

If you're in Lagos (Nigeria) this weekend join us at Africa's biggest beach festival Gidi Culture Festival. I'll be performing from 9.30pm. See you there!


Fight Ebola!

I was honoured to join forces with the World Health Organisation, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, Idris Elba, Didier Drogba and award winning advertising and graphic design company Paul Belford Ltd in the fight against ebola. Earlier this year Fight Ebola TV was launched and through the Just A Day initiative I composed music for the educational idents that have been broadcast throughout Africa.


Muson On Up

I had the great pleasure of performing with Tunde Jegede at the New Horizons Concert in February at the Muson Centre (Lagos). Our kora, hang and orchestral performance set my heart ablaze and I feel like I'm still floating. Looking forward to the next time!


I don't tend to make New Year's resolutions, but when two writers asked me "why I do what I do?" I thought it was a really good opportunity to reflect on the last year and my life really.
Megan Kerr asked me to be part of her series My Dream Job and El País and Wiriko writer Javier Dominguez Reguero came up from Canterbury to meet in London for coffee and a chat. Both were really great opportunities to reflect on my experiences, how and why I am a musician. I thank them both for the opportunity to reflect. The experience has helped me plan for the year ahead.


I was thrilled to be featured in The Guardian (UK) in MarpLondon's 'She Loves You, Yeah Yeah Yeah'. Well done M!



Paul Belford - Even more inspirational in real life
Tunde Jegede - You will change the world with your music


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