Odysseys and Musings
Thunderbolts and Lighting...

I left Lagos for London to chase the sun? Really? Yes really. I learnt something new about myself last month. I'm afraid of the sound of thunder. It excites me. The roaring sky and flickering sheets of fleeting climax sparks my nocturnal imagination and...well...frightens me (a little). Perhaps the sky too wants her turn to tell us a story.

‘Tis The Reason To Be Jolly

So happy to be back at the Africa Centre Summer Festival this year. Last year was a stonker and this year will be even more magical. It's free and is on from 12–10pm on Saturday 2nd August. The Venus Bushfires will be performing at 4pm. dj Femi Fem, M3nsa and other wonderful artists will be playing also. Hmmm maybe I'll get the inspiration for my next costume at the textile exhibition...
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Saatchi Gallery

Thanks to all of you who came to watch The Venus Bushfires perform at the Pangaea exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery (London). We were over 550 in gallery 10! Standing, lotus position sprawled on the floor, drapping on the walls and almost hanging from the balcony. Fantastic. My heart was on fire! Really one of the most beautiful experiences I've had. Ever. Special thanks to Philly Adams and Francesca Wilson from the Saatchi Gallery and Maria Vega from Ministry of Nomads. Here's the video if you missed it, or want to reminisce.

You Jazz Hole!

I wrote last time how I'd waited to perform at the Jazz Hole in Lagos after meeting the legend Fatai Rolling Dollar there some years ago. It really was phenomenal to encounter the space like that. Friends, friends of friends and music lovers came together to share a wonderful night of music and political debate. We didn't want to go home. But we had to. Especially when they turned the lights out. Thanks to Bella Naija for posting a lovely write-up.

What's That In The Sky?

I've teamed up with my frequent co-conspirator MarpLondon to create the lookbook for my line of (non-flying) African print inspired capes and detachable collars called 'Future Nostalgia'. It's had a great reception for which I am thankful.


Baba Epega — Still burning bright
MarpLondon — You're on a roll
Richard Olatunde Baker — Super drummer man
Adam Coney — You'll make the whole world smile with your riffs
Francis Angol — Your limbs are like water

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Much peace and love,
The Venus Bushfires