I'm over the moon to be performing at the Jazzhole in Lagos, Nigeria at 7.30pm this Friday 20th June.

The last time I was at the Jazzhole was in 2011. I came to Benin City from London to see my grandmothers. Lagos was the stopover. I walked into what looked like a little bookshop at the side of the road, only, to enter a jazz cornucopia of joy! Rare CDs, books and the best fresh orange juice I had ever been blessed with.

There, sitting in the middle of an unassuming stage was a super fly mature gentleman by the name of Fatai Rolling Dollar. He invited me to jam with him while he was rehearsing. I'll never forget. He was waxing lyrical about my hang instrument and flirting like crazy. I just kept smiling and laughing like a goofball—the way I do when I get over exited about music. That was a very good day.

So here I am again at the Jazzhole.

Fatai Rolling Dollar left our beautiful planet last year. When I perform this Friday, I will be dedicating the show to him and one of my fondest memories of Lagos.

If you're in town or nearby and fancy a wander do come down. You are all very welcome to join.

Jazzhole / 7.30pm
168 Awolowo Rd
Ikoyi (Lagos, Nigeria)
Next to Oando gas station and opposite Signature Art Gallery.

Tickets are 2,500 naira at the door