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/ Performance Art / Song Queen: A Pidgin Opera Reimagined

Song Queen: A Pidgin Opera Reimagined

@ Tete a Tete: The Opera Festival 2023.

Music & Words: Helen Epega

Executive Producer: Baba Jallah-Epega, EMCA

Title: Song Queen: Pidgin Opera Reimagined @ Tete a Tete: The Opera Festival 2023

Date: 7th September 2023

Time: 8.40pm (40 mins)

Venue: The Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH.

About the show

Immerse yourself in our enchanting world for a thrilling adventure with ‘Song Queen A Pidgin Opera Reimagined’. The world’s first Pidgin Opera returns to the stage with a twist!

In a realm of peace, The Menemeh tribe maintain harmony through enchanting songs.

Envy strikes when The Vrugos, from the realm of the stars, desire the prosperity brought by The Menemeh to Earth. Tempted, The Menemeh lose their voices, plunging the universe into chaos.

Kenate, the rising Queen, embarks on an epic journey to The Venus Bushfires realm. She battles The Vrugos and seeks to find The Peace Song, a potent melody that can unite all worlds and restore peace on Earth. Join Kenate on an adventure to discover her true voice through love, hope, betrayal and possibly redemption. The fate of the universe lies in her hands.